A collection of succulents

The head gardener (that would be Ken) has been wanting to plant a succulent box so yesterday we got everything we needed for that and put it all together in an old Coca-Cola box our oldest daughter gave me a few years ago. It turned out so pretty and I think it will do very well in this sunny spot on the back deck.

Magic Mulch

 Mid-April, and we're so enjoying an early spring. We had six yards of mulch delivered and spent the next three hours hauling and spreading it on every flowerbed, tree, and shrub. Amazing how "finished" and polished it makes everything look (and how sore our backs are after a mere three hours of work!) Can't wait to go buy our flowers for the pots now. But the hardest parts of gardening are over and the pleasantest parts will remain all summer.

The jaunty tulips have given me joy all spring long! They were a gift from my Club Deb group in memory of my mom ,who passed away last October. I didn't get these planted until mid-November and was afraid it might have been too late, but no!

Full-on Spring

The first week of spring and today, March 25, we're getting some much-needed rain. Our little redbud tree we rescued from the front entry flower bed a few years ago is thriving in the backyard. And the pansies I planted in a strawberry pot are loving the rain.

A gaggle of geese...or one gagged goose?

This goose got brave (or he was really hungry?) and came up under the deck to filch some bird seed from the cage we have set up there. Kind of cute, but not sure we really want the geese getting too cozy in our back yard.

The last of the leaves...we hope

It's a new year! 2017! The middle of January already, and I think we've finally gotten all the leaves raked up. It was a rather pleasant job with the wonderfully warm weather we've had. That can't be all the winter we're getting though. Still, the days are growing longer, so spring can't be too far away.

First snow of the year!

December 17 and we got our first snow of the year. Only 2-3 inches, but it sure is pretty. (Of course, I'm not the one out shoveling it.)

Critters in the yard

Mid-December and one thing we really enjoy about this yard—especially in winter when we can see into the trees—is all the birds and squirrels and geese and other critters we get to enjoy just outside our windows.

December and we're STILL raking leaves!

I don't remember the leaves ever staying on the trees so late in the year!

Planting tulips...an exercise in patience

These tulips were a gift from my Club Deb friends in honor of my mom. We got them planted in the nick of time (I hope!) before the ground freezes and keeps them from settling in in time to bloom this coming spring.

Foggy November morning

I love it when a morning fog hovers over the creek behind our house. It never lasts for long, but so magical for the brief time it is happening.

End of October

We found this barn red gate at a garage sale for $5. It matches the deck and makes a perfect backdrop to the orange cosmos (which came up wonderfully again this year!) and also offers a touch of privacy between the space beneath our deck and the space beneath our next-door-neighbors'.

Cuddled our youngest granddaughter on a chilly October morning. A bittersweet time. The kids were home for an unexpected visit for my mom's memorial service (see the lovely flowers sent to the service on the table). So thankful my mother is in Heaven after a few difficult years, but at the same time, it's hard to imagine a world without her in it.

Mid-October glory

It's been a very early and very pretty autumn. Mid-October found us sitting on the deck every chance we got. And watching the trees change slowly, but surely.

Evening color in the garden

September 20 and everything is so pretty, thanks to abundant rain and a bit cooler weather. Makes us sad the days are growing shorter with less time to enjoy the outdoors!
The rail pots have done SO well this year!

The orange cosmos came back wonderfully. 
The story of how we got our orange cosmos here...
Watering is one of evening's pleasures!

Summer's end...

Inches and inches of rain have made the end of summer extraordinarily beautiful here in mid-September.

The back deck is once again my favorite place to hang out when the rain or sunshine don't chase me in, but we can enjoy it even from the kitchen table.

Rail Pots

The last week of July, and it's too hot to sit outside, but the deck still looks beautiful. The rail pots are finally starting to fill out. They must like the triple-digit temps.