Bringing the garden inside for the winter

The one nice thing about winter's arrival, and having to say goodbye to the garden, is that some of it can come indoors. This bowl of succulents thrived all summer and even survived the first night of frost (we forgot to cover it!) but now it's safely tucked inside near a sunny window. We're hoping it will survive a winter inside and be able to take its place on the bridge baluster once again in the spring.

Autumn's first frost

We made it to the end of October before our first frost. We covered quite a few of the pots so the porch and decks still have some color, but the leaves are falling and the garden is fast going to sleep for the winter.

Deeper into Autumn

Please click to enlarge. Stunningly beautiful! Nice to have neighbors with gorgeous trees!


October 4, and the garden designer has declared that the entryway is perfect - just as he envisioned it. (We won't tell him that the assistant gardener took some clippers to the willow on the right, or no visitor would be able to pass...Hmmm...maybe that was his intention?)