Another beautiful morning

There's a tiny hint of autumn in the air and the mornings and evenings have been wonderfully cool. Have I mentioned I LOVE fall?

I love the way the morning sun streams in the windows this time of year.

More butterflies

They're simply too pretty not to share with you again:

I chased this one all over the yard trying to get his photo with his wings open. 

Morning and evening

It's difficult to describe, but the light is so different in the morning in the garden than it is at evening. Both beautiful in their own way, but I love the evening light best. (The sprinklers are running in both these shots. Thanks to our well, we've been able to keep our lawn and shrubs green through this drought.)

Our front porch looking in

For the third evening in a row, we spent over an hour working in the yard. This cooler weather makes me never want to come in!
We trimmed the Rose of Sharon away from the house and I just couldn't stand to throw away the branches with blossoms on them. They make a pretty bouquet, but it will only last a day. Still, too pretty for the trash can!

Yard work

There was a time I would have said "yard work" was a dirty word. But not with the glorious weather we've had this first week of September! It's been a pleasure to be outside, and we've worked well over an hour each evening, weeding, trimming, watering, spraying. Finally the gardens are beginning to look a little perkier, especially with the beautiful prairie grasses starting to head out. Sadly, we lost a couple of plants to the heat. (I'm most sad about losing the Ninebark in the front yard.) But Spring is another "day" and we're glad for a chance to start over next year and see what all truly survived.
The view from the back garage door. 

Sweet potato vine success!

Remember that sweet potato vine I snipped off to root? Well, I planted it in the corner of a pot on the back deck (even before the roots weren't very thick yet) and although at first it looked like it would just wilt and die, it didn't! It took hold and is doing as well as the vines I started from last year's tubers. 
 Now I have another one rooting on the kitchen counter (alongside those beautiful eggplants our daughter grew in their Missouri garden). I'm letting this one get thick roots before I plant it. We'll see if that keeps it from trying to wilt the first few days. I wonder if these rooted plants will produce tubers?

The Monarchs are here?

Early September, and at first glance, we thought the Monarch butterflies were passing through our part of the country. But after doing some research, we believe these are Painted Lady butterflies. Whichever variety they are, they love the Blue Mist Spirea near the birdbath! Some interesting information about identifying Monarchs at this link.