The last bloom

January 29, 2013––This plucky begonia bloom has been on our window sill since before Christmas and is still blooming strong. It's the only remaining bloom of last summer's flowers. And it's likely the last bloom we will enjoy from this small-town prairie garden. Life is taking us on a new adventure and to a new home closer to our children, grandchildren, and extended family. For the first time since we were newlyweds living in New York, we'll be experiencing city life again. But still in Kansas, and of course, we'll plant flowers and maybe even a few prairie grasses in our new place.

We'll leave these gardens to a new family and trust that they'll receive as much joy as we have from watching a prairie garden grow. The new owners have already given us permission to come back in the spring and take a few snips and starts from this Kansas Prairie Garden. We'll keep you posted as we are uprooted and transplanted. Hopefully we will keep blooming where God is planting us for this next leg of the wonderful journey that is life!