A Rose in Winter

This rose standard usually sits at the bottom of our front porch stairs, but during the last two winters, we've moved the standard into the garage before the first freeze. It surprised us by putting on several tiny pink rose buds, and a few days ago one of them unfurled. It's a treat every time I go out to get in the car, to see that little rose blooming its heart out in the middle of a Kansas January!
Our "three cats in the yard" have decided that life is hard in the yard, and they've taken up permanent residence in the garage and made themselves quite at home there. Tonight our teenage daughter brought each one into the house in turn for a little special attention (and a few licks of vanilla pudding from a spoon.)

While we wait. . .

It's snowing and blowing again on this mid-January day. So while we wait for spring, I thought I'd post some favorite shots from our garden this past summer. Happy spring dreaming.

Happy 2008!

from all our family to YOU!