First snow of the year!

December 17 and we got our first snow of 2016. Only 2-3 inches, but it sure is pretty. (Of course, I'm not the one out shoveling it.)

Critters in the yard

Mid-December and one thing we really enjoy about this yard—especially in winter when we can see into the trees—is all the birds and squirrels and geese and other critters we get to enjoy just outside our windows.

December and we're STILL raking leaves!

I don't remember the leaves ever staying on the trees so late in the year!

Planting exercise in patience

These tulips were a gift from my Club Deb friends in honor of my mom. We got them planted in the nick of time (I hope!) before the ground freezes and keeps them from settling in in time to bloom this coming spring.

Foggy November morning

I love it when a morning fog hovers over the creek behind our house. It never lasts for long, but so magical for the brief time it is happening.

End of October

We found this barn red gate at a garage sale for $5. It matches the deck and makes a perfect backdrop to the orange cosmos (which came up wonderfully again this year!) and also offers a touch of privacy between the space beneath our deck and the space beneath our next-door-neighbors'.

Cuddled our youngest granddaughter on a chilly October morning. A bittersweet time. The kids were home for an unexpected visit for my mom's memorial service (see the lovely flowers sent to the service on the table). So thankful my mother is in Heaven after a few difficult years, but at the same time, it's hard to imagine a world without her in it.

Mid-October glory

It's been a very early and very pretty autumn. Mid-October found us sitting on the deck every chance we got. And watching the trees change slowly, but surely.