The blooming game

Our clematis burst into beautiful bloom at the very tail end of May but a hard rain washed all the blossoms away and it hasn't done anything since. Does anyone know if this is normal? Will we get another batch of blooms before the summer is over? (I hope!) Is there anything we can do to coax it into blooming again?

Check mate

The checkerboard patio loves all the rain we've gotten recently! This is my new favorite view of the yard.
We've planted sedum in every other checker square in the row next to the house for ease of mowing. It's taking off quite well, and will be a great solution, we hope.

June showers are what bring flowers!

First week of June and things are really starting to bloom. The lilies are gorgeous right now!
And the pots on the deck seem to be happy campers too. We're happy when we're camping on the deck in the cool of morning, too.