The garden–in reverse

May 28: Took some photos of the garden using a webcam tonight. I love the dreamlike quality it gives the photos, but it's kind of strange seeing everything in reverse. I rather like it!

Garden treasures from a farm auction

We went to Ken's grandparents' farm auction this weekend and came home with treasures––several of which found their way into the garden. A vintage sewing machine treadle and an old furnace grate become great plant stands, don't you think?


As of Cinco de Mayo, the honeysuckle on the southeast corner of the backyard fence is in full bloom and last night when I went out to water the pots on the front porch, honeysuckle perfume  wafted through the night air. It's one of my favorite scents (along with lilacs and roses) and I only wish the honeysuckle bloomed longer!
This is the pot the honeysuckle was in the first summer we bought it. We planted it in the ground after that first summer 2006, and now in its 7th summer it has wonderfully taken over the corner. We wouldn't mind if it covered the whole fence on that side!

Suddenly . . .

. . . Everything is in bloom! May Day! May Day!

Dianthus (and butterflies!)
Carefree Delight Rose