Blue Mist Spirea gives a show

August is winding down, but the garden is still wild with color. The Blue Mist Spirea is one of our favorites in the spot we call the Arbor Garden. This plant attracts butterflies and bees like crazy and the blue flowers add a new touch of color to our mostly-shades-of-red-and-yellow garden. In past years the blooms haven't come on until mid-September to early October, but we're not complaining about it being early!

A day for front-porch sittin'

It's rare that it rains in August, but when it's as gentle and pretty a rain as this one was, we have the perfect front-porch, front-row seats. And our holey-rock water feature is entertainment enough.

Help with the garden chores!

Our little grandsons were here for a few days and they were a BIG help in the garden. Well... maybe a few things got pruned that didn't really need pruning, and maybe a few Dahlberg daisies got squished with tiny toes, but this is who the garden was made for and we had a blast! It's awfully quiet out here now that they've gone home.