Dame's Rocket

This isn't our garden, but boy, do I wish it was! Dame's Rocket is blooming wild along the roadsides everywhere right now. This gorgeous patch is about a mile from where we live. About three years ago, we dug some up and tried to transplant it into our garden, but so far we haven't seen any signs that it "took"...even though it's considered invasive, and is listed as a noxious weed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. It has to be the prettiest "weed" I've ever encountered! Why couldn't dandelions look like this?

The View from My Kitchen Window

This is the view from my kitchen window this morning, May 15. Notice Biscuit lounging beneath the willow bush. The kitties are very happy cats these days.

The Garden at Dusk

Mid-May and the garden is really starting to take off. Columbine blooming on all the hills, fat buds on the roses and the flowers in pots starting to tumble over the sides. With the gorgeous weather we've had these middle-of-May days, it really does feel like a little piece of heaven on earth!

Bleeding Hearts are back!

I was so happy to see these bleeding hearts in bloom today! This was a plant we put in early last summer, but it quickly died back and we thought it was a goner. So it was a pleasant surprise to see it blooming again by this boulder on Rock Garden Hill, right where we put it.

The columbine has started to bloom, too, and is especially pretty this year.