Columbus Day Blooms

The garden is fading, but cooler days have brought a few things to life again as well.

We declared the tomatoes DONE mid-October since the vine kept knocking over the cage! But tomatoes have been a wonderful experiment and we'll have another vine next year. (Sure glad I didn't plant two though!!) Maybe it's time to finally try fried green tomatoes?

Leaf-strewn lawns

We are enjoying the advent of Autumn! (Even though it means leaves to rake!)

These little lights of mine...

Our string of solar lights had a good run for about a year before they gave up the ghost. Thankfully, we found a wonderful replacement in these little basket lights—3 strings for $3 at a garage sale! They sure make these shorter October days cheerier!

Orange cosmos!

Two years ago in October 2013, Ken and I went to a neighborhood art show in the Riverside area of Wichita. At one of the homes, they had the most beautiful orange cosmos blooming! When we admired it, the owners told us to shake off as many seeds as we wanted. So we did.
We didn't get them planted until this spring. Lots of green foliage sprang up in the spot where we'd put those seeds, but we were beginning to think it was an imposter weed. Until a few days ago! Now, I want to find those dear people and tell them thank you!

It's early October and they are blooming like crazy and just stunning! We're hoping they'll reseed but we're going to save some seeds to plant next spring, just to be sure we get these beauties back next year!