The Coke crate sedum

It's October 18, 2017, and we're starting to bring some of the plants inside in preparation for winter. Love how this pretty little sedum planter turned out.
This is where the sedum came from. We had fun planting this back in April.

The plants quickly filled out the box.

Mid-June, we added a perfect hen and chick, and some pink blooming sedum from a farmer's market.

In late July, the creeping thyme bloomed!

Now, in mid-October, the thyme has almost covered up the Coke box.

We'll be planting most of this in the ground, but it was a huge success in this spot and we hope to recreate it next spring.

Meanwhile, I'm thoroughly enjoying having some of it inside to brighten the coming winter days.

October is here

 The other day, someone said their favorite color was "October." If that means the colors of these pansies and mums, I think I agree! Even though October marks several sad anniversaries (the deaths of my sister, my sister-in-law, and last year, my mom) it is still such a beautiful time of year and very symbolic of the beauty of death when you have God's gift of eternal life.