Ready for roses

The flowerbed is all ready for the roses. The grass is greening, and the Bradford pear is about to burst into bloom.

Lucky clover

Well, not exactly clover, but oxalis, also called shamrock–and this one must be lucky because it's been thriving and almost continually in bloom ever since I bought it shortly after we moved a year ago. This plant always makes me think of my friend Mary, who introduced me to it decades ago. Her birthday is in March and she always has one in her house around this time of year.

He promised me a rose garden

Ken dug the first flower bed of the season last night, March 27. We have seven or eight small rose bushes and want to congregate them in a rose garden at the corner of the house, since we have other plans for the spaces they currently live. But we need to hurry while they're still dormant!

Waiting for Spring

While we wait for spring to arrive, I'm enjoying the orchids blooming on the windowsill in my home office. For the first time ever, I've gotten two orchids to rebloom!

We're also delighted that all the work is finally done on our house (since the storm passed through our neighborhood last spring). New roof, siding, trim, paint, light fixtures, and dining room window. And the finishing touch: new paint on our front door. The color is Valspar's Concerto, a beautiful aqua blue.
Now we've started on the outside, getting all the flowerbeds ready and transplanting a few things. Photos of progress to come as spring marches on.

Wiley Coyote

Probably the most exciting thing that's happened in our yard all year is the coyote (or likely a coywolf) that ventured into our backyard on February 11. Interesting that when we lived at the edge of a small town with a large meadow across the street from us, we never saw anything like this. Nope, had to move to the city to see a coyote stroll through our yard!

He was a beautiful animal, but I'm not crazy about the idea of anything related to a wolf in our backyard!