Foggy July morning

Today is the last day of July and I must say I have never seen a more unusual July than 2008's has been! Lots of rain, and a few evenings that were actually chilly. We've only had a couple of triple digit days this month, too.

Yesterday I actually sat out on the patio at a restaurant for a noon lunch with a friend!

And this morning we woke up to thick fog. These photos don't quite capture it, but it was so beautiful, lying over the garden like a veil, and making the colors of the flowers and grasses extra brilliant.

[As always, with any of the photos on this blog, you may click on the picture to get an enlarged view.]

Before and After

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April 2008
July 2008

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June 2008

Rare July rainbow

It's not often we get a rainbow in's not often we get rain in July. But we got both, and this was a stunning, span-the-sky double rainbow.

Determined Dahlberg Daisies

The Dahlberg Daisies have seeded themselves into our yard for the second summer in a row, and I must say they are even more delightful popping up where they please than they were when we planted them in pots. Plucky little patches have popped up in half a dozen spots between the pavers on the back patio and they are in full, glorious bloom in mid-July.

A riot of color

July 9 and the garden is in its prime. The wildflowers along the fence are in full bloom. We have wild bergamot, cupflower, coneflowers in two colors, wild verbena, and a few things we can't identify. Whatever they are, they are lovely, and we are enjoying every minute of watching them bloom. Click on the photo for a larger view.

What (who) the garden was made for

At the end of June our two little grandsons (and their mommy and daddy) came for a week-long visit. The weather was perfect and we were thrilled to get to spend lots of time outside with them. This is the yard at its best, filled with the people we love.

Chilly July morning... Huh?

That's right! It's the 5th of July and the cool weather chased me off the deck. Sixty-six degrees this gorgeous summer morning. Very unusual for July in Kansas, but you won't hear us complaining. Beautiful!