Frosty morning

We woke up the morning of November 18 to a beautiful frost that edged everything in icy lace.

Our Sundae didn't think much of the icy deck. She tiptoed quickly back to the warmth of the garage. (If her coat is any indication, we have quite a winter in store!)

Rearranging pots

We've been emptying out pots and putting them away for the winter, but a few are still too pretty to get rid of. There are little bits of sedum and thyme thriving in the strawberry pot and I replaced the frozen coleus that was in the top with some ivy from the side of the shed. The front porch is well protected and gets nice morning sun, so things last longer there than anywhere else. We try to eke every bit of color and enjoyment from our flowerpots before we finally admit it's winter and time to store them away.

The view across the street

Autumn's last gasp is always stunning!

Mid-November views

We're starting to put the garden to bed, slowly emptying spent pots and pulling out raggedy flowers. Still, there is plenty of color in the yard and we're savoring the days before winter sets in.


 November 5 and this is what greeted us on the deck this morning. Not ready for ICE yet! : (

November panorama

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Front Porch Views November 1

 It's a stunningly beautiful day in Kansas this morning. These are the views from our front porch.