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This Wooly Verbena somehow transplanted itself into one of the flowerpots and I nudged it to the center and decided to let it stay. What a good decision! I love how it took center stage in this pot of coleus and wild verbena.

A happy mix

This wild purple Prairie Verbena popped up in the midst of a patch of Dahlberg Daisies and it's been brightening mornings on the deck for several days now.With July coming to a close, we're facing the hottest days of summer and I'm mostly happy enjoying the garden from inside. (That fence you see in this view from our kitchen window is actually a reflection off the patio doors of the backyard fences.)

Landmark housewarming gift

My dad built this flower cart for us as a housewarming gift five years ago. We've put something different in it almost every year, but the petunias and sweet potato vine combo is just perfect to spill over the sides. We love the cart and it's become a landmark to direct people to our house.Here's the cart through the years and seasons.

Happy anniversary

July 15, 2010: Five years ago today we moved into this house and began working on the prairie garden. It's been a wonderful, rewarding adventure.

Lazy days of summer

July 14 and it's the height of the lazy days of summer. Frosty and Sundae share a cushion in the sun on the back deck. Our calico, Biscuit, disappeared for a few days and we were afraid she was gone for good, but she sauntered back home on Saturday, the picture of innocence. We suspect she has a boyfriend in the neighborhood. (Which is exactly why we had nine kittens, including Sundae, to find homes for a few summers ago.)

Ho-ho-ho Green Giants

Our Thuja Green Giant Arborvitaes are really taking off, and we're anticipating the day when they'll provide a nice privacy screen on each end of the yard, and maybe even a bit of a windbreak.

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