A happy mix

This wild purple Prairie Verbena popped up in the midst of a patch of Dahlberg Daisies and it's been brightening mornings on the deck for several days now.With July coming to a close, we're facing the hottest days of summer and I'm mostly happy enjoying the garden from inside. (That fence you see in this view from our kitchen window is actually a reflection off the patio doors of the backyard fences.)


princessdiva said...

I'm with you!! I am enjoying my garden through the windows unless it is later in the evening!! I'm glad all that hard springtime work is done!!

Kathy@Beautiful Mornings said...

Now I know what the cute purple flower is that I kept seeing on the walking trail behind our neighborhood! It is your purple prairie verbena, thanks for the ID!

The purple verbena midst the yellow flowers in your garden looks so pretty.