Almost November

We're finally making some progress on the house repairs since the May 19 hailstorm. Excuse our mess, but the autumn colors are still so beautiful.

Slowly, but surely. . .

October 1, and we are slowly getting everything dug up and transplanted out of the front flowerbeds. Workers are due to put the new siding up any day now, so we need to clear out this area and get the dirt away from the garage, and transfer the plants we want to keep to their new homes. Last night the lilac bush got moved to the side of the house. Tonight, we plan to dig up this volunteer redbud tree that's much too close to the porch and plant it in the backyard. It's such a pretty little tree! I really hope it survives the move. 

The lilac bush should make a nice screen for hiding the air conditioner at the side of the house.

Meanwhile, the checkerboard patio is filling in nicely, and we're eager for the siding to be done so we can transplant more rose bushes over to the new rose garden on the back corner of the house. The gorgeous fallish weather has made being outdoors a delight!