Tomato, tamahtoh...delish any way you slice 'em

Came home from a trip at the end of September to this lovely bounty of tomatoes from our Fourth-of-July variety we planted this spring. It wasn't a super harvest, but enough to keep me happy.

Garage sale season...score!

Garage sale season is in full swing now that school has started. We found these great chairs for only $5 each (to replace the fast-wearing-out ones that were here.) Plus 50 cents each for the striped pillows. That's my idea of a great bargain! And the chairs are super comfy too!

Mid-September...favorite time of year

We've had such a pretty fall! Plenty of rain, not too hot, just perfect. I've been able to work at my laptop out on the deck many days. Makes for pleasant work.

 Discovered a new vantage point for the back yard, though it involves hanging precariously out our bedroom window.
After squirrels ate half a dozen strings of lights, we decided to give these rope lights a chance. So far, so good (though I do wish we'd gotten the soft yellow option instead of the "blue light special"!