September morn

After a gentle rain this morning, the sun popped out, and for a few brief minutes we got a real taste of autumn. Oh, to capture such a golden moment and hold it forever! Click on the photo below for a cobbled together panoramic view.

September: Blue Mist Spirea

Blue Mist Spirea bloomed a little earlier than it did last year and it is so pretty! These two plants really suffered when we had snow in April. We weren't sure they would survive, but now, early-September, you can hardly tell they had a setback. They are wonderful for attracting bees and butterflies and add a new color to the garden this time of year - a stunning deep blue-purple.

Out of control. . .

These little cuties may look innocent enough, but that's only because they're tuckered out from wreaking havoc in our yard! They're almost nine weeks old, and all but one (we get to keep fluffball Sundae!) will go to new homes next week. I'm sad to see them go, but it's definitely time. Five kittens cavorting through the flowerpots, scampering up the arbor, skittering under the rosebushes and wrestling for hours on end wear me out! This morning while we worked in the yard, they found their way through the gate and into the front yard. We'd catch one and put her back and three more would be out before we turned around. Finally two of them had a run in with the garden hose spray and that toned things down a little. It's going to be awfully quiet around here with only three cats in the yard. I'll always remember 2007 as the summer of the kittens. Definitely one for the "happiest memories" file.

Front porch sittin'

Today has been a very productive day. After our traditional Saturday coffee and donuts we headed outside to find an absolutely perfect September morning awaiting us. Ken fertilized the trees and lawn, I did the same with the shrubs and flowers. We weeded every flower bed, watered trees and did a lot of pruning. The native grasses have practically hidden the stone border we worked so hard to put in. I did not haul those 100-plus rocks so they could hide under a stand of buffalo grass! So we trimmed and whacked and used Roundup where necessary. Oh my, everything looks so nice now! Makes me want to sit on the porch and just enjoy the fruits of our labors. Bet we'll sleep good tonight!