Foggy morn

A beautiful fog hovered over the yard early this last morning in November. It quickly burned off as the sun came up, but it was quite a sight for a few minutes, especially with a full moon still high in the sky.

Winter sunsets

We don't like these shorter days one bit, but one consolation is the amazing sunsets we get to see––usually from the supper table. This was the stunning view from our back deck on November 18, 2012.

Mexican Hen-and-Chicks

My friend Terry shared this pretty little Mexican Hen-and-Chicks plant with us. I planted it mid-November alongside our "American" Hen-and-Chicks and hope it does as well as they've done in this little corner of the entryway garden. They're protected from the cold north wind here, so maybe that's the secret?

Fading fast

 The 10th of November and it's looking pretty bare without the flower pots. The wind is doing a number on the last of the leaves and we're bracing for cold weather that's coming next week. I don't love winter, but there is certainly a sort of beauty in the death of everything green. And always hope for the spring that will be here before we know it.

Bringing the outdoors in

It's November 9 and our warm days are coming to an end so we've started putting the flowerpots away and bringing anything inside that is still blooming.

There are still geraniums and begonias blooming on the front porch, so they'll stay out for a couple more days until the next freeze. But today we brought the cyclamen in and planted all the mums in the "compost pile" behind the shed. We've learned that a lot of what we put out there as "trash" ends up coming back, giving us new plants for next spring.