Foggy morn

A beautiful fog hovered over the yard early this last morning in November. It quickly burned off as the sun came up, but it was quite a sight for a few minutes, especially with a full moon still high in the sky.


Melanie said...

Wow. .gorgeous pictures. .We have also been revelling in the glorious sunsets!! On a fun note. .I was on CBD the other day ordering an accompaniment tract, as well as couple sale books they had. .They had A Prairie Christmas collection on sale. .and I noticed that you were one of the featured authors. .so I ordered it. .and then was provoked to check on other selections that you have written. .WOW!! You have been a busy lady!! I did order one of the older ones. .which I can't wait to read!! I'm guessing by the synopsis that I will really enjoy your writing style! I don't read much for enjoyment (more for studying etc) but I have always loved reading. .my issue is the fact that I usually can't put the books down. .and then it is 2a.m. and I am grumpy the next day!! No doubt, when I do start your book, I will do it over a weekend so I can finish the book within a day or two!! Enjoy your week!

Deborah Raney said...

That's wonderful that you ordered my books, Melanie. Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy them WITHOUT guilt or grumpiness! ; )