Starting out

Just beginning to see what we have to work with in the yard at our new place. Mostly pleasant surprises so far. A beautiful Bradford pear tree, lots of rose bushes, peonies (my favorite flower!), and a clematis much bigger than the one we planted last year and had to leave behind.
 This is one of the projects I'm most excited about...making a shade garden underneath the deck.
We've already moved a clematis (successfully, we think!) to climb the deck poles, and are waiting for a couple of things to bloom so we can figure out what they are and where we want them. We're hoping to plant a variety of hellebores and other shade-loving plants here.

Settling in

We are happily settling in to our new home and as spring unfolds, we are delighted to see the wonderful flowers and shrubs that were here waiting for us. The former owners were gardeners too and have left behind some beautiful plants for us to enjoy and nurture. First to unfurl its gorgeous blooms, above, is a Japanese Magnolia (which some call a Tulip Tree).