Starting out

Just beginning to see what we have to work with in the yard at our new place. Mostly pleasant surprises so far. A beautiful Bradford pear tree, lots of rose bushes, peonies (my favorite flower!), and a clematis much bigger than the one we planted last year and had to leave behind.
 This is one of the projects I'm most excited about...making a shade garden underneath the deck.
We've already moved a clematis (successfully, we think!) to climb the deck poles, and are waiting for a couple of things to bloom so we can figure out what they are and where we want them. We're hoping to plant a variety of hellebores and other shade-loving plants here.


Gramma 2 Many said...

Just doing a little hopping around and found you. Looks like you will/do have a wonderful yard. A shad garden under your deck would be lovely. I love the color of your deck too.

Deborah Raney said...

Thanks for stopping by, Gramma 2 Many. (Love all your blogger name implies!)

Melanie said...

LOVE the color on your deck!! A few years ago at the Wichita Garden show, there was a sweet little hidden shade garden snuggled in a little rocked area. .I have always wanted something like that. .but no location that is acceptable. .I can HARDLY wait to see all that your little nook becomes!!