Settling in

We are happily settling in to our new home and as spring unfolds, we are delighted to see the wonderful flowers and shrubs that were here waiting for us. The former owners were gardeners too and have left behind some beautiful plants for us to enjoy and nurture. First to unfurl its gorgeous blooms, above, is a Japanese Magnolia (which some call a Tulip Tree).


Melanie said...

Well how fun!! I'll bet that will be a treat every week to see what comes up!! Enjoy all that fruit from the previous gardener. .and I'm sure that the owner of your last house will be enjoying your labor too!

Deborah Raney said...

It really has been! We have an apple tree! And a pear tree (the kind you can eat...besides our Bradford ornamental pear). We have peonies and clematis and hibiscus and several varieties of roses, and lots of other as-yet-unidentified plants coming up. It feels like Christmas! And it really WILL feel like it, if we get the SNOW forecast tonight! :(