This basket of pansies has been the best $9.99 I think I've ever spent! They sit on the bistro table outside our kitchen window and they make me smile every morning.

October close-ups from the garden

Dahlberg Daisies (and a moth)
Frond from Purple Fountain Grass
Blue Daze (Evolvulus)
Carefree Delight
Red Twig Dogwood
BabyWing Pink Begonia

Bringing the garden inside

 I always dread the time when the first frost threatens the potted plants. I usually try to bring in a few plants before that happens so we'll have a little color inside to enjoy into the winter months. Tonight was the night to dig the ivy "accents" out of the pots and replant them. Ivy loves the steamy atmosphere in the master bath, so that's where these pretty pots landed. The flower pots on the deck look a little empty, but I'm sure loving the way the bathroom looks!

The welcome mat is out

We're gardening on a very small budget this year, so not going all out with fall decorations. I may still splurge on a mum pot or two when they go on sale, but this basket of pansies (from our favorite Stone Creek Nursery) and the impatiens and begonias that are still blooming like mad on the front porch are as festive as any mums we've ever had.  

Camouflaging a shed

The plantings around the shed (meant to "soften" the building, and hide the compost heap behind it) are coming along really nicely now in late October. Ken has already cut the English ivy away from the windows once, but I wouldn't mind if it covered the entire shed AND the house! Love that stuff. The pampas grass on the opposite side of the shed was moved from the front of the house. The grass and root ball weighed almost 200 pounds and had to be towed with the lawn mower, but it seems to feel right at home in this new spot and we love the way it looks there.

Autumn colors

We've had such a lovely autumn and the weather has stayed nice for weeks on end. October 19, and we still see a lot of green, but slowly the turning of leaves is happening. Beautiful, and yet, I'm always a little sad when it happens because that means the long Kansas winter is right around the corner. [Enlarge the second photo to see Sundae surveying her kingdom.]

Red twig dogwood

Mid-October and the red twig dogwood has suddenly changed from green to red. It reminds me of how beautiful it looks in the winter against the snow.

Turn, turn, turn

That's what the leaves are doing! We can almost see it happening before our eyes. This is one of the last few times we'll mow this season. To everything there is a season, but we sure hate to see this one end!

In the shadows

Finding a spot of shade on the deck. Can you see TWO cats? One looks like a shadow himself––but he's there.