October close-ups from the garden

Dahlberg Daisies (and a moth)
Frond from Purple Fountain Grass
Blue Daze (Evolvulus)
Carefree Delight
Red Twig Dogwood
BabyWing Pink Begonia


BonnieR said...

I really appreciate all your wonderful photos and plant information! We think we might be moving to Kansas from California this spring-summer. We have 7 cats! Any suggestions you have for transporting them?

Deborah Raney said...

Oh, your cats will love it here, Bonnie! We moved a cat from New York to Kansas once, by car, and I seem to recall the vet gave us something to sedate him for the trip. Our cats have all always hated the car, so I can't imagine moving one across the country without some sort of mild sedation.

Best wishes on your move and I hope you love Kansas as much as we do!

Bonnie Russell said...

Thank you for your reply, Deborah. I can't imagine doing it any other way, because being in the car for only short trips to the vet, they just howl and panic. Life will be anything but dull getting them all in close proximity to one another without being separated into different areas. Right now, in preparation, we are allowing the 5 inside cats to roam freely and intermingle, and in spite of some hissing and an occassional squabble, it hasn't been too bad. In Kansas, we will get a cat door and hopefully the place we find will have a service porch where they can come and go and get out of the weather in winter. One has never been outdoors, and he's very bright...I know he'll love it, but in the city, we've had to protect them more from traffic and chow dogs on our street.

Deborah Raney said...

We have a cat door in our back garage door and that's where they come in to eat and get out of the cold. It's the best $100 we ever spent. : ) Again, best wishes on your move!