Front entry in bloom

The front entry is blooming with several varieties of dianthus, and Smoky Hills, with its gorgeous purple and white flowers.

A new tree

An early birthday present: a new lacebark elm to replace a tree that died, and match the lacebark elm we planted here two years ago. Beautiful tree––with a birthday ribbon still on it.

UPDATE: The new tree inspired window washing and open curtains inside.

In praise of Thuja Green Giants

When we planted these Thuja Green Giant arborvitae trees less than 5 years ago, all 7 of them came in one little box. We were underwhelmed. Now, they are *this* close to offering the privacy, shade and windbreak we envisioned when we planted them. They've been beautiful, easy-care trees and we highly recommend them. (We put 4 on the north end of the yard, and 3 on the south. Those on the north are slightly taller, but they've all done well.)
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July 2012

July 2012

Perfect spring day

 Wonderful morning to take photos. The sky is overcast but the air is cool and everything is lush from a recent rain. Every year I forget how much I love spring until it arrives it all its glory.

Bleeding Hearts are back!

After two years thinking we'd lost the Bleeding Hearts, we walked out one day to discover they were back and blooming beautifully! Such a unique plant. I'm glad we didn't really lose it.

What a difference mulch makes

We spent a recent Saturday putting fresh mulch on all the flowerbeds and around the trees. We hadn't done that for a couple years, and it looks so nice! Hopefully it will save us some weeding this summer, too.

Peonies are one of my favorite flowers, I think because they almost always bloom in time for my birthday. This lovely bouquet came from the Smoky Hills in Ellsworth County.

Cinco de Mayo ~ more kitchen window views

Sadly, this beautiful fuschia bought in Iowa did not survive more than a few weeks in the early heat wave Kansas experienced. It was an early Mother's Day gift, and I sure did enjoy it while it lasted.