Secret garden growing slowly more secret

We're trying to create a "secret garden" in the space between the garden shed and the house. The plan is eventually to train the English ivy up the side of the shed, and maybe even into an archway over the alley between buildings. It's a years' long project, but already it's a prettier spot than it used to be. The Rose of Sharon screens the air conditioning unit and the flowerbed also hosts Moonlight Broom, Golden Creeping Jenny, and Catmint, which was especially beautiful this year.

Veronica Golden Creeping Speedwell

Golden Creeping Speedwell has done so well this summer. It took two years to get the Stepables established, but now it's taking off, filling the spaces between pavers in the arbor garden. Its bright green color makes a nice contrast to the rose bushes and dogwood.

"Pretty in Pink" Petunias

The petunias have been so pretty this year. We didn't have good luck with them last year, and I think one thing I was doing wrong was packing too many into a pot. We split them up and planted sparsely this year and now, near the end of June, they are going to town! They're such cheery flowers, it makes them worth the little bit of deadheading they require.

The view from the deck

Every morning when we come out to the kitchen for breakfast, we're greeted by such a pretty view out the dining room windows. Sometimes it entices us to have breakfast outdoors. The trees (both ours and our neighbors') have really filled out and are starting to provide shade and privacy. I can't wait to see what this view will look like five years from now.

Green skies

Early June and we've been under a weather advisory all day. This picture doesn't quite capture it, but at times the sky - the whole atmosphere, really - has had that eerie greenish cast it gets in tornadic conditions. It would be rather pretty if it wasn't so scary!

Roses galore!

What a year for roses this has been! They are lovely in shades of pink and yellow and everything in between, and coming on by the dozens. I love roses! (Click on the photos to get a larger view.)