Veronica Golden Creeping Speedwell

Golden Creeping Speedwell has done so well this summer. It took two years to get the Stepables established, but now it's taking off, filling the spaces between pavers in the arbor garden. Its bright green color makes a nice contrast to the rose bushes and dogwood.


fran said...

Your stones looks beautiful! Very nice! I am wondering though if your Golden Jenny might be Veronica Sunshine...Jenny usually isn't that tight and has leaves that resemble nickels. It also rambles very quickly. Since this has been very slow to spread, it sure may be Sunshine. Doesn't matter though, it just looks awesome!
I really enjoyed all of your pictures! My blog limits my size of photos...but i have fun writing should check it out!

Deborah Raney said...

I'm not sure about the sunshine part, Fran, but you are right. I found the tag from the pots and it says: Veronica Golden Creeping Speedwell. We have tons of Veronica Waterperry Blue speedwell in another flowerbed and I didn't even know they were in the same family. And we do have some Creeping Jenny, as well, but what's pictured here has smaller leaves, sparse tiny purple flowers in spring, and is a bona fide, trademarked Stepable. : )

Thanks so much for the information! And I'm changing my headline! : )