Coral Bells and Blue Mist Spirea

The Blue Mist Spirea is blooming much earlier than last year, which seems odd given our very late spring. We've really enjoyed the Coral Bells this year, too. We have two different varieties, one just planted this year, and the other a year or two older. They really add some nice contrast in the garden and remain attractive into the fall and winter.

Crouching kitten, hidden roses

A scene from our late-August garden. Things are so much greener and prettier than they usually are this time of year, thanks to an abundance of rain and unseasonably cool weather.

Overgrown entryway

The front entry is turning out just like the master of the house envisioned it: over-grown and just a little wild. When it gets to the point where a thin man can no longer get through without a machete, I think the mistress of the house might have to sneak out and take some pruning shears to the willow. In the meantime, it is rather pretty.

August, and it's cool!

What an amazing summer we've had. We finally got some triple-digit days the first week of August, but now, on the 8th and 9th, we've had clouds, rain, and temps barely reaching eighty. Today's high was 75! What a treat.