August, and it's cool!

What an amazing summer we've had. We finally got some triple-digit days the first week of August, but now, on the 8th and 9th, we've had clouds, rain, and temps barely reaching eighty. Today's high was 75! What a treat.


Ewa said...

It comes in waves :) we also had some very cold for August days - now the change is coming.

CatMom said...

How wonderful to have cooler temps! I wish you could send some cool weather to Georgia--LOL! ~ What is the lovely plant in the top right of your picture? The leaves have a bright pinkish color in the middle (or that's the way it appears on my laptop). Just curious, because it's a lovely plant and reminds me of something my Mom grew years ago. Thanks!

Deborah Raney said...

Greetings, Ewa and Patti. Thanks for visiting my garden blog.

Patti, the plants in both planters (foreground and background) are a combination of coleus and perilla varieties. The one you mentioned with the pink center is either Magilla Purple Perilla or a variety of coleus called Kong...I think it's Kong, but I have trouble telling them apart. (Also the yelow-green taller plant in the pot in the center is a new variety of coleus for us...Electric Lime. We have had wonderful luck with the yellow-green varieties this year (Lemon Sunsation, Wild Lime and Electric Lime). The plant in the foreground with yellow pink and green is Glennis Coleus, another beautiful variety. I love coleus because they grow fast, add tons of color without blooms (any blooms that appear on coleus should be pinched out to keep the plant bushy and colorful.) The only downside to coleus is that it can't take the least bit of cold. That's why we mixed in the Perilla this year, as it is very cold and heat hardy.

That was probably way more than you wanted to know. : )

CatMom said...

Thanks, Deb! I really appreciate the information and your jogging my memory! Coleus is what I was trying to remember, and the name escaped me! My Mama grew quite a bit of it and I always thought it was lovely. Guess I need to try my hand at it now. Thanks again for taking time to answer! Blessings, Patti :)