It's a jungle out there. . .

We got RAIN this morning so the lawn didn't get mowed, and everything is a little on the wild side! The grasses are bent over onto the lawn and we spent an hour tonight just trimming things back. But I kind of like this wild and wooly look. That's the prairie for you. And speaking of the prairie, the tall grasses are heading out and looking beautiful.  
Dallas Blues Grass
The False Sunflowers are just thick!
Here they bloom among the tall grasses.
Ice Plant
Indian Grass
Carpet Roses intertwined with
Fountain Grass in the front yard 

Peaches galore!

Our little Bonfire Dwarf Peach tree is so loaded down with peaches this year that the branches were in danger of breaking. So tonight my husband picked about 4 gallons of them to lighten the load. The photo, believe it or not, was taken AFTER he harvested about half the peaches. These are ornamental peaches, and while edible, not really meant for that. I cooked some of the peach flesh down in sugar and spices and made a pint of peach syrup, but it's nothing to write home about, and it sure wasn't worth the time it took to peel and pit the peaches. Guess they'll have to remain for looks only. The tree bloomed mid-March this year, so I guess it's not surprising that we're harvesting peaches on August 21.

Maxfield Parrish clouds

I always think of this kind of sky as a Maxfield Parrish sky because it's the way the painter always rendered his clouds. Just gorgeous! Wouldn't mind if those clouds contained some rain!

Cool August days

We came home from a few days away to cooler temps and just enough rain that everything is growing like mad! The blue willow and purple fountain grass in the entryway garden have almost grown together. Pity the poor UPS man trying to make a delivery––he has a jungle to go through! 

Loving Lantana

Lantana has become one of my favorite annuals. Even though it gets pretty droopy in these hot afternoons, a nightly watering perks it right up and it has kept the pots colorful and green when a lot of the other plants are really taking the heat (not taking the heat would be more accurate.)