Sandstone border for the gardens

We collected this beautiful sandstone from the pastureland of Ken's 97-year-old grandfather and made a border all along the back fence, encompassing the three native prairie gardens. Besides looking nice and tying all the flowerbeds together, we hope the stone will serve as a barrier to keep the wild things out of the lawn and the weeds out of everything. We pulled a LOT of weeds last year, the first real year of growth in the garden, but we're pleased with how much the native grasses and wildflowers have overtaken the weeds this year. Of course some people might think a lot of what we have growing is weeds! We've taken the attitude that if it's pretty, we leave it until it isn't pretty any more, or until it takes over something we like better. I had to fight to keep my husband from pulling out the snow-on-the-mountain that's coming up. We let three grow last year and they got huge with deep, deep taproots. But oh, they were pretty! I'm hoping he'll let a few stay this year, too.