October's last gasp

There are still a few things blooming in our garden on October 26, including a few perfect roses on the arbor! But we spent about an hour outside tonight cleaning out pots, draining and rolling up the garden hoses and pulling a few final weeds. In a few weeks we'll roll up the outdoor rugs on the deck and call it a season. It's been a lovely one!

Three magical minutes

I glanced out the kitchen window tonight just as the sun was going down. The view took my breath away! The sunset had lit the trees on the east side of our street on fire. They "blazed" for a few magical moments while we snapped pictures and tried in vain to capture with a camera what only God can paint on the canvas of His creation. Amazing!

Autumn Views

October 21 and autumn is here in full force. Already the wind has stripped the Autumn Blaze in the backyard, and my beautiful coleus pots are history, thanks to too many chilly nights. But there are plenty of other trees in the neighborhood dressed in their autumn finery, and the carpet roses still provide splashes of color. Here are the breathtaking views from our windows.

Autumn leaves

The third day of October and the trees look like they've been dipped in the first hues of autumn.


It's October and the air is starting to feel like it! By the looks of the forecast we'll have to say goodbye to our coleus before long. They don't like those low night temperatures. I hate to lose the potted flowers each year, but my basket of mums will help ease the loss. Autumn has its own beauty and we look forward to the lovely russet and gold and orange of fall.