October's last gasp

There are still a few things blooming in our garden on October 26, including a few perfect roses on the arbor! But we spent about an hour outside tonight cleaning out pots, draining and rolling up the garden hoses and pulling a few final weeds. In a few weeks we'll roll up the outdoor rugs on the deck and call it a season. It's been a lovely one!


princessdiva said...

SNIFF, SNIFF! I always hate to see summer and fall end. I haven't checked in for a few weeks. Your tree pictures are spectacular!! The colors have been amazing everywhere!! Just makes you enjoy life a little more!!

Deborah Raney said...

Hasn't is been a gorgeous fall?? I'm still not ready for winter, but we sure can't complain about the beautiful weather and fall color we've had. Here's to hoping you're enjoying these last days before winter sets in. (And hoping for a SHORT winter!) Thanks for stopping by, princessdiva. I always enjoy your comments!