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Summer's End

The flowers are loving these cooler days we're enjoying on the last weekend in August.

Why we live in Kansas!

The sunset August 13th looked like a Maxfield Parrish painting. Sunsets never last long enough, but oh, so gorgeous for those few brief moments!

Just peachy!

Middle of August and the Bonfire Dwarf Peach is loaded with fruit. It's ornamental, not intended for eating, and not as brightly colored as it's been in past years, but still very attractive.

Before and After

Just wanted to share a few "before and after" shots, from the day our Realtor showed us the house, until today, August 1. Five years later, what a difference.

The hot tub didn't work and we didn't really care to have one anyway, so we gave it to some friends of ours and added the stairs leading to a flagstone patio.

We planted an Autumn Blaze maple, left and replaced the ash tree that died with a Siberian Elm (Lacebark Elm), right. We also planted a Chanticleer Pear and Korean Sun Pear in the back yard (along with the evergreens along the fences) and several other large trees in the front yard. In a few years, we should have the leafy shade we want.