Coleus takeover

The coleus are doing so amazingly well that I'm having to pinch off big hunks of it to keep the outdoor pots under control. The cuttings are too pretty to throw away, so I'm enjoying them inside, and even replanting some of the ones that root well.

Green giants still growing strong

When we planted these Thuja Green Giant arborvitae trees about 6 years ago, all 7 of them came in one little box. We were underwhelmed. Now, they are *this* close to offering the privacy, shade and windbreak we envisioned when we planted them. They've been beautiful, easy-care trees and we highly recommend them. (We put 4 on the north end of the yard, and 3 on the south. Those on the north are slightly taller, but they've all done well.)

September 2006
June 2009
May 2011
June 2011

July 2012

The Thujas on the south end of the yard are doing well, too,
providing shade and privacy and year-round green.

This year's favorite pots

Million Bells and three different varieties of Coleus
 Since we started shopping the flat sales, I've loved experimenting with pot mixtures. In every case my eyes were bigger than my flowerpot and I've been transplanting some of the overgrowth into other pots. Everything has done really well and we have some beautiful pots to enjoy each morning and evening––and through the windows at the supper table. But these are my very favorites. I'm especially loving the purple and red combination. And I think Coleus and Begonias win my vote for favorite annuals this year. But the Million Bells have been gorgeous, too. And the Lobelia can't be beat for a pop of blue.
Purple Petunias and Red Begonias

Scarlet Coleus and Lobelia

Coleus and Pink Begonias

Burning the wheat stubble

July 5, and with the fire in Colorado so fresh in everyone's minds, it's a little eerie and a little sobering to watch the wheat fields here burning and the sky filled with smoke the last few evenings––controlled burns, but it's easy to see how a fire gets out of control when you see acres and acres burning at once. Still, very beautiful, too.


What a treat it's been each evening to harvest 3 or 4 strawberries and eat them right on the spot while we're out watering the flowerpots. I never realized what a pretty plant strawberries were either. I think they have made it to my always-buy list.

Let freedom ring!

Wishing a very blessed 4th of July
to all our gardening friends!