This year's favorite pots

Million Bells and three different varieties of Coleus
 Since we started shopping the flat sales, I've loved experimenting with pot mixtures. In every case my eyes were bigger than my flowerpot and I've been transplanting some of the overgrowth into other pots. Everything has done really well and we have some beautiful pots to enjoy each morning and evening––and through the windows at the supper table. But these are my very favorites. I'm especially loving the purple and red combination. And I think Coleus and Begonias win my vote for favorite annuals this year. But the Million Bells have been gorgeous, too. And the Lobelia can't be beat for a pop of blue.
Purple Petunias and Red Begonias

Scarlet Coleus and Lobelia

Coleus and Pink Begonias


Debra said...

Hi Deb... Just wanted to thank you for your last comment at my blog--it totally made my day! What you said about watching Bones alone cracked me up...heh... I do always watch it during the daytime with the curtains wide open and the lights on. :) And yes, it's been a major test getting used to having Tom away all day long again, 12 hours and more each day. Ack! Totally stretches me lots of times, but I'm trying to turn it into a good thing so that it will help me grow more as a person, 'trying' being the key word. Some days are harder than others, but always, when I choose my attitude rather than let it choose me, it makes a huge difference. Anyway, just wanted to come over here and say thanks and I'm so glad things are going well for you in this time of life! Blessings, Debra

Deborah Raney said...

Debra, good for you trying to turn those long hours into a "good thing." That's just the attitude that makes ALL the difference! More and more, I'm trying to learn to live with an "attitude of gratitude" and boy does it make a difference when I'm successful! : )

Soni said...

Hey guys! After checking out your blog since a few days I really fell in love with it, your pictures and finally with your garden! It's just a place for relaxing and enjoying the wonderful plants. A small own world.
So my blog is actually growing but there already a few post's with pictures of my garden ( the garden of my mum :S). I really love it to take pictures of her wonderful flowers. Every month a different flower blooms. Wanna have a look? Here's the link:
lovely greets! x