It's a foggy morning in late November and we went out to the garden with our cameras and captured some beautiful images. You really have to click and enlarge to appreciate. (And yes, there are still a few roses blooming on the arbor!)

Sunday sunrise

November 22, and I'm sad that the autumn leaves are already gone. But it does mean that we have a clear view to the eastern horizon and this morning the sun is a huge red ball in the sky (and as always, this photo doesn't come close to capturing the beauty of it. But I keep trying!)

Time to bring the outdoors in

We had our first snow flurries November 15 and brought the last of the flower pots inside for the winter. Hopefully I can keep them going until spring. But even if they don't survive the winter, it's nice to have a few bright spots of color in the kitchen window as it grows darker and browner outside day by day.

Indian Summer

Beautiful early November days. They can't last much longer but we are savoring them while they do. Here are two views of one of my favorite trees in the yard - a bald cypress.