Loving Lantana

Lantana has become one of my favorite annuals. Even though it gets pretty droopy in these hot afternoons, a nightly watering perks it right up and it has kept the pots colorful and green when a lot of the other plants are really taking the heat (not taking the heat would be more accurate.)


Kathy @ In Quiet Places said...

Our lantana (in Dallas, Texas) dies in the winter but comes back every spring, and we have a variety that is red with yellow centers called Dallas Red. It is probably named something else - elsewhere!

I love your pink lantana!

Deborah Raney said...

Oooh! I just looked up Dallas Red lantana and it's beautiful! I wish ours was a perennial. Our variety with pink, yellow and coral flowers is called Confetti. It's so cheerful and hardy. I just love it!