Camouflaging a shed

The plantings around the shed (meant to "soften" the building, and hide the compost heap behind it) are coming along really nicely now in late October. Ken has already cut the English ivy away from the windows once, but I wouldn't mind if it covered the entire shed AND the house! Love that stuff. The pampas grass on the opposite side of the shed was moved from the front of the house. The grass and root ball weighed almost 200 pounds and had to be towed with the lawn mower, but it seems to feel right at home in this new spot and we love the way it looks there.

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Melanie said...

One of the most fun things about gardening is the ability to "Recycle" your plants. That was one HUGE root ball!! And a refreshing change for the eyes too!! The shed is looking camoflauged for sure!