Bringing the outdoors in

It's November 9 and our warm days are coming to an end so we've started putting the flowerpots away and bringing anything inside that is still blooming.

There are still geraniums and begonias blooming on the front porch, so they'll stay out for a couple more days until the next freeze. But today we brought the cyclamen in and planted all the mums in the "compost pile" behind the shed. We've learned that a lot of what we put out there as "trash" ends up coming back, giving us new plants for next spring.

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Carolyn Clauss said...

Deborah, I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your beautiful home and
flowers!!I hated to hear about the storm that destroyed so much. I enjoy your books and loved Face of the Earth!!! I will continue to read your great books.

Carolyn Clauss - Lizton,IN