Landmark housewarming gift

My dad built this flower cart for us as a housewarming gift five years ago. We've put something different in it almost every year, but the petunias and sweet potato vine combo is just perfect to spill over the sides. We love the cart and it's become a landmark to direct people to our house.Here's the cart through the years and seasons.


princessdiva said...

Oh I love the cart!! Especially with the fall pumpkins in it!! If the last picture is of this springs plantings--it is a winner too!! Awesome!!

Deborah Raney said...

I love it in the fall, too! And that last photo is actually the very first year we lived here. I've never found such great petunias since, although this year's red and white petunias (in the first photo) are doing well. That last photo was taken before we put in the blue willow that took over the front entry garden. ;)