Ho-ho-ho Green Giants

Our Thuja Green Giant Arborvitaes are really taking off, and we're anticipating the day when they'll provide a nice privacy screen on each end of the yard, and maybe even a bit of a windbreak.

Summer 2006

Summer 2007
Summer 2010


princessdiva said...

WOW!! Those suckers DO grow fast. My husband has commented on them several times when seeing them advertised in some of my catalogs--we have just never ordered any--but we may just have to yet!! They look like they are doing very well!

Deborah Raney said...

We are REALLY happy with them! We ordered 7––3 for the south end and 4 for the north, and they all came in ONE box! I thought they were a joke at first, but boy, do we love them now. They've all 7 done well, and they have weathered all kinds of conditions from ice to wind to drought. We haven't even watered them since the second year, other than what the sprinkler system delivers three times a week. I highly recommend!