Check mate

The checkerboard patio loves all the rain we've gotten recently! This is my new favorite view of the yard.
We've planted sedum in every other checker square in the row next to the house for ease of mowing. It's taking off quite well, and will be a great solution, we hope.


Bonna said...

I check your blog quite often and love your pictures. I have followed your move and must say you are getting this yard "whipped" into shape. I LOVE your checker board and that red deck and staircase is wonderful! Makes me smile! Bonna Nichols

Deborah Raney said...

Thanks, Bonna! We are REALLY enjoying our Wichita home even though we miss our small-town place—especially the gardens!—and wonder what is blooming there now. But we have no regrets about the move. It was a good one for us and we're having a blast exploring our new town.

We had more rain last night, so things are wonderfully green here and our new yard is just the right size for us! Thank you for following the blog!