Our front porch looking in

For the third evening in a row, we spent over an hour working in the yard. This cooler weather makes me never want to come in!
We trimmed the Rose of Sharon away from the house and I just couldn't stand to throw away the branches with blossoms on them. They make a pretty bouquet, but it will only last a day. Still, too pretty for the trash can!


Kathy C. said...

Glad you are enjoying your garden again with the cooler weather. Our heat wave finally broke Sunday and we have had great weather this week, after breaking all records for hottest summer in Texas ever recorded, even saw that on Fox news last night. So, now, when I tell people it was really hot here, they will believe me.

My garden needs reviving too, with water rationing due to drought conditions, it is challenging!

But there are a few flowers that hang in there, thankfully!

Melanie said...

We're glad for the cooler weather too! Love your photos. .and the garden looks great!! Unfortunately, I am missing some of my best gardening time in the evenings trying to get kids to bed. I'm about ready to put the garden to rest for the winter!! And I NEVER say that! Praying for better gardening next summer. .and sorry about your nine bark!!