The Monarchs are here?

Early September, and at first glance, we thought the Monarch butterflies were passing through our part of the country. But after doing some research, we believe these are Painted Lady butterflies. Whichever variety they are, they love the Blue Mist Spirea near the birdbath! Some interesting information about identifying Monarchs at this link.


Melanie said...

We have had many painted lady's and now some monarchs on the caryopteris too!! I was able to locate several new little plants rooting in places other than their spots. .I was so glad to dig them up and move them to another locale. .free plants!! Doesn't get better than that!! As many winged creatures as they attract. .I don't think you can have too many of those bushes!!

Deborah Raney said...

I agree! They are just beautiful and I love that they attract so many butterflies. We had two bona fide Monarchs show up today! And loads of other butterflies and bees.