Seed pods...looking forward to next spring

One of our favorite splashes of color in the backyard garden is the Butterfly Weed. (See below.) It's not something we planted, and we suspect the seed came in with some of the good farm dirt we brought in when we were first planting our gardens. Each year the orange blooms have spread a bit and this year we had Butterfly Weed in at least two different spots along the fence. Now that it's finished blooming, we're enjoying the interesting look of the seed pods (and hoping that as they burst open, each seed finds a good home right here in our garden!)

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Melanie said...

You lucky girl. .that just happened to show up in your garden!! I have been planting seed under my lights for the last few years. .I do have a small plant living, and the ones for this year are looking great. .my oldest clump is actually blooming again right now. .crazy! The seed pods are definitely beautiful by their own rights!!