Oh, what a beautiful morning!

August 28 and in spite of predicted triple digits again this week, for now it's a cool 72 degrees and the skies are just gorgeous!


Melanie said...

You were up WAY too early this morning :-) The temps have been very nice though late at night and early morning!! Glad for that!! I think gardens are at their sublime peak that early in the morning!! Enjoyed your pictures!

Kathy Cheek said...

I love that first picture the most, the gold appearing over the fence line in contrast to all the other colors, thank you for sharing what God delighted you with seeing this morning!

We have had some beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and while enjoying them, I can almost forget all this heat! But I will enjoy them more when those autumn breezes find their way to north Texas!

I am guest posting at In Courage tomorrow if you want to come by and read, Across Your Path at www.incourage.me... on the guest page.